Arriving in france and looking for school

Are there certain things you want to know about education in France but have never dared to ask?

How I can help you...

In 1999 I began organizing workshops on education in France, receiving families of different nationalities. One thing I have learned is that children often adapt more rapidly than their parents, but with the proper information parents are able to understand, cope and help their children through the rough spots. By giving families concrete information on schools, curriculum, the system and its organization plus tips and advice on communicating with teachers and school staff, I help them adapt to their new environment.

Workshops in the center of Paris

If you live in the Paris - Ile de France region, you can join a workshop of 4 to 5 people to share information, examine the schools in your area and discuss other important issues such as curriculum, parent-school communication and maintaining good mother-tongue language skills. Following a meeting, I stay in touch with those who have attended a workshop by phone and email until a suitable school has been found and to answer any new question that might come up as the children start school or change schools. I can also help you find tutoring for your child. Appointments are possible for those who prefer a private meeting. For further information, please click here. Long distance counseling

If you reside in France but not in the Paris area and need information on schools and the educational system or if you are moving to France from another country, long distance counseling is easy to organize. I have counseled families planning to settle in many different regions of the French hexagon. Once your needs have been established by phone and email, I contact schools and question them on your behalf and if you wish I can set-up appointments at your convenience. I will stay in touch with you until we have found the school that fulfills your requirements. I can also help you find a tutor if you decide that your child needs extra help. As soon as you arrive in France, we can meet to discuss your apprehensions and answer any new questions you might have. For more information, click here.


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