Is It True That...? #2

First and foremost, it’s teachers’ children who benefit from school.

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Is It True That...? #1

French public school teachers are always absent.

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The Bridges of May

Vacation peroids and holidays...

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French Primary School Syllabus

The French Primary School curriculum has been revised.

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French Parenting

When I arrived in Paris as an au pair, the school children advancing hand in hand in the streets...

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"La Rentrée": Stage 1 of my education as a parent in France

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008. Day one, year one, of my son’s first “rentrée”. We moved to France in June ...

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The 2008 French Syllabus

The 2008 version of the French national primary school syllabus, the nationwide benchmarks revised every six years, was recently made public by the Minister of Education, Xavier Darcos.

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Children and French as a Foreign Language

A conversation with Isabelle Parisot

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La Rentrée 2007

The HCE report on primary schools. It's back to school time. A worldwide, regularly reoccurring event that makes headlines no matter where you live. For the media it's part fashion show and part quick-fix advisory bulletin for harried parents.

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Questions and answers from Workshop

Would like to know options open to child in the French system at the maternelle level? What are the chances of eating lunch at the maternelle if you do not work? b) How does the school accommodate you if your child is ADHD.

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A Bilingual Education in France

A bilingual education can start at a very early age in France. Here are some of the first questions that come to mind when considering this option, that for many will be a necessity. What is the difference between a bilingual school and an international school?

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Who I am ?

I encountered the French educational system when my first son started school at age three. I had never been in a French classroom myself, though a few years later I attended the Sorbonne at Paris VI, and I was in for a surprise... Read


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